Welcome to Ward NYC – Your Destination for Fashionable Women’s Raincoats

At Ward NYC, we believe that every woman should feel fully herself, rain or shine. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating the ultimate fashionable raincoat that doesn’t compromise on style or functionality.

The first time you wear a Ward NYC raincoat, you’ll understand why it’s more than just a raincoat. It’s a statement, a conversation starter, a compliment magnet. Our transparent raincoat design allows you to express your unique style, even in the most inclement weather.

The Only Raincoat You’ll Ever Need

Our raincoats are designed to match everything you wear. Thanks to the transparent design, people can see your style underneath, allowing you to bring your fashion to the fore. The past-the-knee length and waterproof material ensure you’re covered, providing enough warmth for any spring, fall, or cool summer day.

Let the World See More You

With a Ward NYC raincoat, you’re not just protected from the rain – you’re making a fashion statement. Our raincoats are designed for women who want to stand out, who want to be seen, who want to express themselves.

A note from our founder

The first time I wore a Ward NYC raincoat, more compliments flowed my way than ever, from women of all ages and backgrounds. To bring that feeling of appreciation to others, I started Ward NYC.

It’s the only raincoat you’ll ever need – it matches everything you wear by design. Join the community of women who have discovered the joy of self-expression, regardless of weather.

Let the world see more you.